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Katz, I., & Gibbs, H.M. (2023, January 30). Playful learning creates multigenerational opportunities with intergenerational impacts, Brookings Institution, Education Plus Development.

​Gibbs, H.M., Hadani, H.S., Golinkoff, R.M., & Hirsh-Pasek, K. (in press). Playing into the Future: A 21st-Century Model for Education. In I. Ahmed & F. Kolbitz (Eds.) Imagining Post-COVID Education Futures. Center for Genocide Studies, University of Dhaka; in association with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bangladesh.

​Blinkoff, E., Gibbs, H.M., & Hirsh-Pasek, K. (in press). Teaching in the Ways that Brains Learn: Human Development Can Be Our Guide. In Smith, C., Carney, R.N., & Fong, C.J. (Eds.) Teaching Human Development for Educators. IAP series: Theory to Practice: Educational psychology for Teachers and Teaching. Southern Illinois University.

B.A. Psychology (minor in Philosophy)

Cum Laude, Thomas E. Bellavance Honors

Salisbury University, 2012 - 2016


Ph.D. Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

University of Maryland College Park, 2016 - 2021

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Lucas Payne Butler

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Temple Infant and Child Lab, 2021 - 2022

Post-Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

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