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... where we discuss all things child development and policy.


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001 - Andy Ribner.png

Episode 001

Dr. Andy Ribner

Join us for our opening episode, January 2022, where we talk about the greatest hits in research and policy from 2021 and Dr. Andy Ribner tells us about kids' digital media use... and math?

April 2022 - Jill Gandhi.png

Episode 005

Dr. Jill Gandhi

Join us for Episode five, where Dr. Jill Gandhi from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy tells us all about the incredible work scholars and advocates are doing examining how poverty shapes children's and families' lives -- and how we can use policy as a tool to end it.

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Episode 009

Dr. Angelica Puzio

In Episode 009, Dr. Angelia Puzio takes us on a journey to create a new culture of care, that demystifies deeply rooted gender stereotypes, encourages boys to join HEED careers, and undercuts the brilliance bias to allow people to be human.

002 - Samantha Melvin.png

Episode 002

Dr. Sam Melvin

Join us for episode two, where we chat with Dr. Sam Melvin about the childcare landscape, the superheroes that are early childcare educators, programming quality, and what it means to be a kid today.

Episode 006.png

Episode 006

Dr. Kristen Stack

In our sixth installment, we're joined by Dr. Kristen Stack, a school psychologist, who takes us on a journey through the life and tells us all about student supports (especially during a difficult time, like the pandemic), evals, and... umpires?

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 14.04.30.png

Episode 010

Jodi Miller

In Episode 010, we are joined by Jodi Miller, Ph.D. student extraordinaire, who created a student wellness platform called WellCheq that's becoming a national phenomenon. Join us for a conversation about wellness, teachers, and the importance of checking in on the people around us.

003 - Tarah Threadgill.png

Episode 003

Ms. Tarah Threadgill

Join us for our first ever Teachers' Take, where we get the inside scoop about on-the-ground K-12 education from a superhero herself, high-school English and Theater teacher, Ms. Tarah Threadgill.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 6.53.46 AM.png

Episode 007

Bridgette Holmes


In Episode 007, we are joined by board-certified nurse-midwife, Bridgette Holmes, who tells us about new motherhood and takes us on a deep and heartwarming dive into the life of a midwife, family-centered policies, and all things mom and baby.

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 14.07.34.png

Episode 010

Dr. Rose Perry

Episode 011 is all about social connection --the importance of building relationships cannot be overstated, not only for our mental health, but for the neurological underpinnings that shape our experience of the world. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Rose Perry about Social Creatures and much more.

March 2022 - Kevin Wong.png

Episode 004

Dr. Kevin Wong

Join us for episode four, where we are joined by PhDad extraordinaire, Dr. Kevin Wong, who tells us all about the three multis: multilingualism, multiracialism, and multiculturalism.

Episode 008.png

Join us for Episode 008, where Dr. Melissa Kline Struhl takes us on a deep dive into all things open and collaborative science - preregistrations, open source, data sharing, and more (plus a celebration of now open federal research and the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

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