Love podcasts? Try these.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I am a voracious podcast consumer, and am always looking for the next best listen.

Here are a few that might interest you as well:

For a daily news habit:

1. NPR Up First (information)

2. The Daily (information)

3. Vox: Today, Explained (information)

Academe and life in the workplace:

1. Acadames (information)

2. Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace (information)

Both great shows for ladies in the work place. How to balance work/the rest of your life, what taking maternity leave might entail, how to negotiate pay and advancement (outside of academia too)!

Need something to binge?

1. S*Town (information): dark vibes, but riveting, fabulously curated storytelling.

2. The Two Princes (information): an LGBTQ+ friendly production full of adventure, Christine Baranski, humor, Christine Baranski and love. Also Christine Baranski.

3. Serial (information): each season gives you a new story to follow (also check out the corresponding seasonal artwork on their website).

4. Ear Hustle (information): I LOVE this podcast. From inside San Quentin State Prison, learn about the lives of incarcerated citizens. Every topic you could possibly be curious about is covered: the food, the clothes, the letters, seeking parole and making a new life after release. You will not be able to stop listening to this podcast (NOTE: some episodes talk about some pretty serious/adult content; listener discretion is advised).