Advocacy Writing

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As of January 10th, I work as a senior policy analyst at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC. The work that I do is housed in Early Childhood Policy, advocating for comprehensive investments in a unified child care system and examining what a family-friendly (and education-friendly) policy landscape can look like.

Read on and click links to see some of the recent work I've published with my fabulous colleagues at CAP.

  1. Child Care Spending Generates Massive Dividends (February 24, 2022); Hailey Gibbs & Rasheed Malik, Center for American Progress

  2. The American Rescue Plan Shored Up Child Care, but a Long-Term Solution is Necessary (March 21, 2022); Hailey Gibbs & MK Falgout, Center for American Progress

  3. Five Strategies for Equitable Implementation of Public Investments in Child Care (March 23, 2022); MK Falgout & Hailey Gibbs, Center for American Progress

  4. We Can't Afford Not to Fix Child Care (March 28, 2022); Hailey Gibbs & Maureen Coffey, MarketWatch

  5. 4 Reasons the U.S. Economy Needs Comprehensive Child Care (May 24, 2022); Hailey Gibbs, Center for American Progress

  6. Addressing the Nation's Infant Formula Shortage: Short-Term Policy and Regulatory Solutions (May 26, 2022); Arohi Pathak & Hailey Gibbs, Center for American Progress